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I’m willing to spend the next eight years catching shit on all sides, all so I can fix this fucking country for you. We want economic and racial justice, we want to seriously attack climate change, we want everyone to be able to afford college and health care and housing and food, we want women to be treated like humans, yada yada yada. I’ve spent my life clawing my way into a system that’s terrified of change.This is literally why we have a representative government. So I do it for you, and I ask a bunch of smart people, and we come up with shit that works. So lemme sign off with the same Nancy Scheibner poem I quoted back in 1969 (when I gave the commencement speech at my own fucking graduation, btw).The track received a second surge in popularity in late January 2017, when Drake previewed a song called “KMT,” which has a similar sounding flow: After hearing Drake’s new track, X tweeted the following, which has since been deleted: Drake responded by saying he did not steal his flow and he admitted that it sounds similar.X went on a Twitter rant again and deleted his tweets again.The total fine was 5, and Barboza, who was less than pleased that he’d have to shell out the money, wrote a less than eloquent message on the speeding ticket payment form.Here it is, in all of its vulgar glory: Upon receiving Barboza’s profanity-laced ticket payment form in the mail, Liberty refused to accept his money. Rourke to appear for a hearing on October 18, 2012.New to this EP, though, is a heightened emphasis on melody creation through the use of sweeping euphoric synth arrangements.By pre-empting the international big room sound and forging it together with sawtooth synths, the track transforms into a mind-altering face-melter.

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Check it out on Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat @Fuckjerry. Yah, ayy Yah, ayy, yah Ayy, haha, yah, yah, yah Ayy Ayy, ayy [Verse 1] Ayy, I'm like "Bitch, who is your mans?" Ayy, can't keep my dick in my pants Ayy, my bitch don't love me no mo' Ayy, she kick me out, I'm like vro Ayy, that bitch don't wanna be friends Ayy, I gave her dick, she amen Ayy, she put her tongue on my dick Ayy, look at my wrist, about ten Ayy, just got a pound of the boof Ayy, brought that shit straight to the booth Ayy, Tommy my Hilfiger voots Ayy, she said "Wan' fuck?The charges against Barboza were dropped a year later by a different judge, who conveniently bolstered Barboza’s eventual lawsuit by writing that “[n]o citation is necessary for this Court to determine that the language under the circumstances here, offensive as it is, is protected.” After the charges were dismissed against Barboza, he filed suit against Liberty and the town’s prosecutor, Robert Zangla, with the assistance of the New York Civil Liberties Union and Stephen Bergstein of Bergstein & Ullrich.His First Amendment rights had been violated, and he wanted New York’s aggravated harassment ordinance to be scrubbed from the books, because seriously, fuck all the bitches in that shitty town.Judge Cathy Siebel of the Southern District of New York ruled last week that Barboza’s right to free speech had been infringed upon when he was prosecuted and arrested for writing a nastygram on his speeding ticket payment form.


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