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Guests: Rick Reyes For decades, city and county officials have tried to clean up the 50-block neighborhood in downtown.

But Skid Row still has the country’s highest concentration of homeless people.

A more questionable application of DNA testing is in “relationship science,” something I learned about a few weeks ago when a reporter from asked me about it.

And so I perused the website of the “leader in human genetic compatibility.” The company offers tests for four genes.

Latest approach in finding their soul mate through specific gene pairing. This is a new dating trend, could be the modern version of matching birth astro charts before deciding on life partner.

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That has made policing the area, and getting people into housing, very difficult over the years. There are no changes to the work rules spelled out in the Raiderettes’ handbook, which reads like it was written back in the days of Mad Men.

If the thought of sweaty t-shirts turns you right off then you could be making one of the biggest mistakes of your life, according to a new dating website.

The online matchmaking service promises to increase chances of better sex, fertility and lasting relationships with less risk of cheating.

Forget the days of filling out questionnaires about your likes and dislikes, or lying about your bad habits online; these days the answer to true love is only a cheek swab away.

The latest tool for finding your perfect partner is DNA matching.


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