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When you don’t want to go for dinner or drinks again, picking interesting second dates needn’t be so tricky…

Creating a good first impression is as hard as dating gets – rest assured it gets easier from this point on.

It sends a message that you are unorganized and didn’t care enough to plan it. It could be simple like meeting for coffee but know where you are going. The worse thing you can do is not have the money to go on a date. If you tell him everything about you, he will not need to have a second date with you . If you leave a date, he will want to go out again because he will want more. Do not criticize other patrons, for example, pointing out how fat a guy is or make fun of straight people. Do not get drunk on your first date by having too many drinks.

Text him or call him to confirm the date , time and location the day before. We all have mortgages, maybe alimony payments, kids going to college, etc. You might meet a hot guy that you really like but you can’t scrape enough cash to go out. Do not give out your life story on your first 5 dates. Keep financial information and alike out of the conversation. Also, if you tell him , for example, about your sexual escapades, he might enjoy the story but he will figure you’re a slut and never call you again. There are things that I wouldn’t do now that I did when I was younger. Also, he may think your slutty and want to have sex and you really don’t want to but you gave him a false perception. Do not criticize your date’s hair, lack of hair, eyebrows, clothes, etc. I never went out with these guys again despite them calling me again for a second date. Stay away about talking about past relationships, work related problems, etc. If he asks you about past relationships , tell him only positive aspects and say “we decided to move on”. He may think you have an alcohol problem when you do not.

Perfect in the spring/summer, a good winter alternative would be an ice sculpture show.

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” One client put it more succinctly: “Once I meet someone I like, how do I get to have a second date?

An ideal opportunity for you both to reconnect with the great outdoors, make the natural beauty of your local Botanical Gardens the setting for an open-air second date.

The key to this idea is its simplicity – Botanical Gardens tend to be pretty big, so you’ll have loads of time to wander around and chat, and you don’t exactly have to be an expert to appreciate how gorgeous everything is!

Perfect second dates give you the opportunity to get to know each other better and enjoy a shared experience, and wine tasting is great for both these things. It’s one of the better second date ideas for getting to know your potential partner and their taste; whether you love art or loathe it, you can have fun either discussing the virtues of one piece over another, or poking fun at a painting a child could have done.

Be warned though, drastically different opinions here could spell big trouble if one of you is particularly passionate about the arts – try to gauge each other’s interest level on date one!


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