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newly-opened David Barton Gym on Astor Place—someone even said "obsessively"—and is frequently spotted spotting Andy himself while doing squats.

He likes horror movies, is an amateur photographer, and doesn't go out much, other than the work at his own bar.

"I think my mom has been in the public eye for longer than anyone else alive," explained Cooper, speaking with Vanderbilt and filmmaker Liz Garbus — both of whom appeared in person at the Television Critics Association winter press tour.

"Her entire life has played out on a very brightly lit stage." The pair charmed with mother-son banter, despite the fact that they were separated by more than 2,000 miles, but it was the end of the conversation that got the strongest reaction.

When HBO Documentary Films president Sheila Nevins announced there was time for one last question, a reporter asked Vanderbilt if she really did date actor Errol Flynn.

"I did date Errol Flynn," she said, pausing a moment, "once." To the heiress' right and left, two big screens showed Cooper repeat the word "once" while making air quotes.

He was just 21 years old and back then he was called Antoine — he changed his name to one he felt would be easier for Americans.

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“I rarely go out, and when I do I never stay out very late,” says the 40-something Frenchman, adding that he visits his clubs only for, “not very glamorous reasons: administrative tasks, paying bills…” But if Maisani isn’t a household name, his better half certainly is.

Just an hour before his Thursday interview with President Barack Obama for CNN's live "Guns in America" town hall, the 48-year-old journalist appeared, via satellite, to speak with mother Gloria Vanderbilt about their upcoming HBO documentary.

finds Cooper sitting down with his 91-year-old mother, exploring intimate details of her life — one that's vacillated famously between tragedy and glamour.

“He didn’t tell me anything,” Heler Dassuncao told the source in April.

He got his ear pierced on live TV but was still eclipsed by Mariah Carey’s trainwreck performance on New Year’s Eve. In the above video, Lemon can be heard rambling for ages about his love life (on CNN) while Brooke Baldwin nodded along: “I live my life to the fullest.


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