Healthy dating advice

So basically, every time I asked her about him, the answer was always that they were still together, BUT… She didn’t say, “but…” Her response got me thinking about the difference between healthy romantic relationships and those that most likely won’t work out.

So now, they broke up and she has been dating someone new for a few weeks, and when I saw her today, I asked, “How is the new guy? I truly believe that when a relationship is good (healthy) there are no buts.

She specializes in communication strategies and the social dynamics of men and women.

Sharon is a Relationship and Love Consultant in Newport Beach, California.

The resulting process went like this: I’d meet a guy — either online or in person — and we’d set a date.

The morning of said date, I’d check the weather, and then Google “first date outfits” for the day’s climate and dress accordingly.

I’m not saying that healthy relationships are perfect. But rather that when someone is truly making you happy, you are only sharing good news about that person and your relationship.

You can find plenty of people who like you but the key is finding someone who respects and deserves you.. Mutual respect, support, open communication, fun, compatibility, honesty, trust and happiness are some of the essential ingredients in healthy relationships.When a relationship is healthy, both partners generally feel good about themselves and are encouraged by their partner to go after their goals and dreams.I’d try to figure out exactly what the guy was saying between the lines.And if we continued to date, I’d question Google on everything: (Okay, I just made up that last one.You are not supposed to have all of the answers about relationships, but you can begin to learn what works for you through your peers, family, community and own dating experiences.


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