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The resolution is to set your default MTU to one lower than the Ethernet default of 1500.

Here is how: Step 1: Find your MTU From an elevated Command Prompt in Vista/Windows 7 or the same elevated Command Prompt in Windows 8 enter the following command: MTU Media Sense State Bytes In Bytes Out Interface ---------- --------------- --------- --------- ------------- 4294967295 1 0 13487914 Loopback Pseudo-Interface 1 1500 1 3734493902 282497358 Local Area Connection If you are using Ethernet cable you will be looking for “Local Area Connection” or “Ethernet”.

You can also plan your future character progression, by setting up a skill training plan; or even just play "what if" with detailed listings of all skills and training times.

In Eve your skills determine what you can fly and do.

Please use the search feature or browse our Knowledge Base of support articles for information and/or solutions to issues.

Set more than 21,000 years in the future, the background story of Eve Online explains that humanity, having used up most of Earth's resources through centuries of explosive population growth, began colonizing the rest of the Milky Way.

In turn, this expansion also led to competition and fighting over available resources as it did on Earth, but everything changed with the discovery of a natural wormhole leading to an unexplored galaxy named "New Eden".

The software is primarily developed for Windows, but it will work on Linux using Wine, and may work on Macs using Darwine.

You will need your Limited API key to use the software.


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