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Like any pseudonymous online community, however, Twitch chat also becomes a playground for trolls.Hover in the chat room of any popular stream, and it doesn't take long to find racism, sexism, harassment, and just about any kind of hate speech you can imagine. Instead, they post links to other Twitch streamers, usually female, and launch raids, leaving abusive and harassing messages. Here’s a more articulate version of my reply: “Well, honey. The thing is that since you are twelve—there is no such thing as your very own party. I love you and your friends so much—and I want to help you learn how to create beautiful, fun, safe, hilarious, internet gatherings for each other. And don’t become so concerned with raising a good kid that you forget you already have one. Both the internet and baseball stadiums are—by very definition—very public places. What goes down at your gatherings is my responsibility. You are almost a teen and so it’s your job to fight for your right to party on the internet.

This could be your mum, dad, carer or a school teacher.In a chat like Fors', where 45,000 people compete for attention, the conversation moves at a blisteringly fast pace, with topics as diverse as the user base. Fors' channel is a particularly appealing destination for trolls.His moderation style can best be described as Twitch does provide streamers tools for policing chat.The parents who were giving up the boy told Exon that the 4-year-old’s feet were too big and his ears looked funny.If parents could discard their adopted kids so callously, she reasoned, maybe she could help children find new families by moderating one of the Internet sites.“We were just introducing people,” Exon says of the online group, where parents sought new homes for unwanted children in a practice known as “private re-homing.” Well-intentioned as that seemed, Exon would come to regret her role in the re-homing network, a collection of Internet forums where people seeking children can find one quickly.


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